Whether you stumbled across my site, or something intrigued you to take a look, welcome to droulla (feel free to sing droulla-ooh-la)!

Most commonly known as Andri, droulla is something a friend at university made up and comes from my birth name Androulla (thanks Mum, Dad). I live and work in London. In the effort of trying to figure out what I’m destined for I figured i’d have a go at a blog so, er, here I am and thank you for joining me!Droullapic

What’s my blog about? I hear you thinking to yourself.. Well that was a tricky one, trying to focus on one topic was really difficult. I knew that whatever i was going to write about, food would be definitely be an element! I’ve had a personal battle with food, suffering with IBS and hormone imbalances that affect the way I produce certain hormones essential for digestion. I’ve spent hours and hours trolling the internet for answers and ways to make food enjoyable for me, without feeling like I’m missing out on the good stuff.

I’ll be trialling my own ideas, traditional recipes that offer alternatives and generally reviewing meals that I have seen and tried! Then I’ll share my progress/mistakes/success with you lovely people in the form of a blog! You’ll be able to search chronologically through my blog for old posts in case you wanted to ever go back to something.

Another idea I have is if my dear beloved readers request recipes/alternatives (i.e. gluten / dairy free etc) for me to try! That way, I can really write about what you want to read!

I’d love to hear your thoughts either by a comment, the poll or even contacting me on another platform!

Live, Love, Create, Enjoy



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