Are we obsessed with following diets – and what happened to eating in moderation?

Everywhere we go, we are constantly bombarded with new diets, crazes and theories that tell us what we should and shouldn’t be eating. While I am a fan of eating well, and making sure my body is receiving the right nutrients it needs to keep my energy and health levels high, what I’m seeing more and more is an obsessive culture with cutting out certain food groups or just eating one particular group of food.

I recently watched a really good documentary on the BBC called ‘Clean eating’s dirty secrets’ and it pretty much captures what I am talking about in a short and snappy 35 minutes. Lifestyle blogger Grace Victory experiments with a few of these crazes, including the potato diet – which left her with little energy and a flare up – and from where I’m standing, from the effect this ‘diet’ had on her, it didn’t look like it was doing anything beneficial for her insides. After all, you are what you eat, and if a change in diet causes a flare up in your skin and sluggish energy, I’m not entirely sure I’d want to know what is going on inside.

While sometimes, I myself, experiment with food and how it affects my body – that is my own personal research to make sure I’m getting the best food and nutrient combination that works well for me to keep my acne and PCOS symptoms at bay. I would never advise that somebody all of a sudden cut out carbohydrates because they want to lose weight – no. Your body needs carbs to run and your brain needs them to think – and that’s a whole different story.

What I’m getting worried with here, is that I think our society has become so ‘fad’ crazy and image conscious that it seems fashionable to have really unusual and strict dietary requirements. Ofcourse, many people have reasons for eating the way they do, I am not shaming anyone for personal preferences. What I am calling out is that we seem to be living in a society where our relationship with food is becoming so dangerous, to the point of obsession, eating disorders and emotional instability because of the social pressures that are put on us to eat and look a certain way if we ‘want to be part of’ a certain crowd? I’ll tell you now, my health is worth way more than following something so restrictive that it puts my health and wellbeing at risk. However, others are not so lucky, and harmlessly fall into a never ending cycle of being obsessed with every drop of food and liquid that enters their bodies.

From a really young age, my mum always taught me that you need to allow yourself to have a little bit of what you fancy every now and then, and I truly live by that. Unless you’re super human, I find that when anyone tries to restrict themselves too much, it just ends up backfiring on them either by a) trying every single alternative available and causing yourself to overindulge or b) binging on what it is they had been craving for so long and thus overindulging again.

So although there isn’t a recipe in this post, a dining recommendation or a list of health benefits in adding something to your daily routine, it’s just a reminder that you are human, if you fancy something, eat a little bit (unless you are fatally allergic, then please don’t) and just remember, everything in moderation and try to keep your fridge full of actual food and not processed laboratory chemicals!

What are your thoughts? do you have a story to share?

Live, Love, Create, Enjoy

Droulla ♥♥♥



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