Lentil and butternut squash Daal

As the cold weather started to sink in, I was using a lot of butternut squash and and saw a lot of recipes using butternut squash going around so I thought I’d give one a try. I have (by accident when experimenting) made a really delicious red split lentil daal before, so I thought I would apply the same process to a similar dish including butternut squash and it worked a treat (even with one of my Indian friends, so I feel I have gained the seal of approval!).

Butternut squash lentil daal
My ingredients (Although the yogurt was not put into the daal)

Ingredients (serves 6-8 portions)

  • 1 tbsp Dry Cumin
  • 2 tbsp crushed Dry Coriander
  • 1 handful of fresh Coriander (to stir in right before serving), chopped
  • 2 medium sized Onions, diced
  • 1 Piece of Ginger, diced
  • 2 fresh red Chillies, diced
  • 2.5 cups of res split Lentils, washed
  • 1 butternut squash, chopped, skin left on (remember to discard any seeds)
  • 6 cups of boiling water
  • 2 tsp himalayan salt
  • Coconut oil for cooking



  1. Finely dice the garlic and Chillies and gently fry them off in some coconut oil on a medium heat
  2. Stir in the cumin
  3. Add the butternut squash chunks and onion and stir occasionally for 15-20 minutes until the squash softens
  4. Add the boiling water, dried coriender, salt and lentils, then stir
  5. Squish the butternut squash into the lentils and then leave for 40 minutes to simmer on a low/medium heat
  6. Add fresh coriander, stir and serve

I served mine with a salad and chicken as you can see in the image below :). You can also serve it with yogurt.

squash lentil daal
My Daal served with chicken and salad!

Live, Love, Create, Enjoy


Droulla ♥♥


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