Muesli Balls or Flapjack for Breakfast?

I feel like it’s time for something that will help you ‘grab and go’ in the mornings! As much as you can do that with the mini egg/quiche muffins I posted not too long ago, not everyone wants to eat eggs for breakfast every morning. I feel like it’s a constant battle for breakfast – mainly because most of us choose to lay in bed for an extra 20 minutes than spend the time preparing a healthy and nutritious breakfast. But never fear, droulla is here, and I’ve got something you might just love (my family do!).

The reason for the title is my Godmother insists they are mini Flapjack balls!

Trust me on this one

Before I get going, these are vegan friendly too, so if you’re trying to cut out animal products, these are a god shout. They’re also gluten free (so long as you use gluten free oats). You can also use these as snacks throughout the day. They just have so many uses!

Now, I hate porridge, so if you’re sat there thinking, ‘no no I hate porridge, I won’t like these’, I’d love you to try them and see how you feel? Is that a deal?

They’re essentially ‘Raw’ Muesli balls. My cousin who I introduced them to likes to put them in the oven for 20 minutes, but I just eat them straight from the fridge.


(This will make you around 12 balls)

  • One very ripe banana, Mashed
  • A small bowl of assorted nuts (I use Almonds, Walnuts & Cashews)
  • A handful of Cranberries (again, can be swapped over for something else)
  • A handful of Raisins (Just like the cranberries, why not add coconut, if that’s your thing ;)?)
  • A tablespoon (heaped) of organic peanut butter
  • Two tablespoons of honey of your choice (or syrup, this is mainly for binding the balls!)
  • A bowl of Oats (you can use gluten free ones if that is your dietary requirement)


  1. In a bowl, mash the banana. Then add the honey (or syrup) and peanut butter to get a lovely looking mixture:

    Looks lovely, it really does..
  2. Crush the nuts. I whizzed mine in a blender. They went a bit finer than i had hoped but added great flavour and still quite a good amount of crunch!
  3. In another bowl, add all ingredients apart from the banana mixture
  4. Add the banana mixture, in parts. Mixing the mixture each time you add some to coat all the other ingredients with this delightful mix
  5. Add more honey / oats if necessary to get a consistency that is sticky enough to hold together but also not too dry
  6. Roll (using your hands, like you would a meatball) the mixture into balls like so:DSC_0018
  7. Wrap each ball individually in clingfilm:


Now you can store them in the Fridge or freezer and have when you wish! If storing in the freezer allow some time to defrost, although they don’t take long. Let’s say you throw them in your bag on your way to work and eat them when you get there? That should be enough time :). Unless you work from home, then leave them out for about 15-20 minutes or put them in a preheated oven for 5

I’ve been doing a lot of breakfast-y types of post recently, and that’s because a friend of mine phoned and asked me for help. Sure, What’s up I ask? She wanted breakfast ideas that didn’t involve Bread. I’ve got tonnes of those, because I don’t really eat bread. So whilst sharing them with her, I decided this was great to share them with you guys too.

I’ve also posted banana pancakes on here recently, so check them out too!

Recently, I’ve been experimenting, and it turns out I don’t have a bad reaction to Rye Bread. Which is brilliant (so long as there is no yeast). I love it with avocado, it’s a new found breakfast love of mine!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Live, Love, Create, Enjoy.

Droulla (ooh-la-la-la)


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