2 ingredient Banana Pancakes (Free of Nasties)

One of my first recipes where I began to think, ‘this isn’t so baaaaad’. Generally, if I can have pancakes, I am a VERY happy lady. Lots of people have already tried this one, it is really popular, but a lot of people do fail to get that perfect round un-scrambled pancake.

The key is practice and patience with this. You need to cook the pancakes on a low heat to prevent it from burning and to at the same time allow it to actually cook so that you can flip it!

I love pancakes. I will be posting more pancakes. NOM!

pancakes 5
When I do SnapChat, it is usually about food.

I actually make these pretty well, pancake day is my favourite day of the year and there was no way cutting processed flour out of my diet was EVER going to stop me! I think i prefer pancake day to my birthday. Just give me pancakes on my birthday and I will be SO HAPPY! But don’t give me anything processed. I will be very unhappy and throw them at you, ;).


(To Make 5-6 small Pancakes)

  • 3 Eggs
  • 2 bananas (very ripe ones)
  • Coconut oil, as required

That is actually all you need, so so simple!

pancakes 2
The ‘batter’


(The important part)

  1. Put your bananas in a plastic bowl and with a fork, start mashing away. Then once the bananas get to a stirrable (is that a word? WordPress says no…) consistency then it’s time to add the eggs
  2. Add the eggs, and whisk into your bananas until it’s a nice and fluffy mixture like the above image
  3. You can add some baking powder but I don’t. I have tried it and it doesn’t make a difference, so why add nasties to a perfectly natural dish?
  4. Leave your mixture to stand for a few minutes. Feel free to mix in other flavours such as vanilla or even just simple honey
  5. In a frying pan, on a LOW heat, add a tea spoon of coconut oil and allow it to melt
  6. Again on a low heat, add pancake mixture and spread into your desired shape, filling in any gaps
  7. Now be patient. The top of the pancake will begin to bubble, that’s a good thing. Then the top of the pancake will begin to become firm, this means the pancake is cooking and will be ready to flip soon

    Can you see the air bubbles?
  8. It could take about 5 minutes for the bottom of the pancake to cook before you can flip it, so be patient, and as long as you have it on a low heat, it won’t burn
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 for the rest of the mixture.

And that’s it. Patience and low heat is key!

I serve mine up with some fresh fruits and honey :), as you can see in the image below, I’ve sliced some grapes and put them on top and there is some freshly cut apple in a bowl, too.

pancakes 4

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Live, Love, Create, Enjoy!



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