Lemon and Lime Cheesecake (No-Bake, Gluten-Free)

I guess I should start my blog with something I absolutely love to make. Lemon and Lime Cheesecake – It’s an absolute Crowd-Pleaser, unless you really hate lemons, then you might want to wait for the next post.

This recipe was inspired by my God Mother. It isn’t particularly health conscious, and it doesn’t actually involve any cheese, but there is no other way to describe it, so a cheesecake it must be!

Originally, it was only a lime cheesecake, so a bit like a Key Lime Pie, but on the day I decided to make this particular batch, there was already lemon juice in my squeezer and so it became Lemon and Lime!

So my Dad decided to invite us round for an Easter Celebration and I was just itching to make my cheesecake to see if the ‘general public’ liked it as much and I did! I’ll start with the base.

cheesecake base

Buttery Biscuit Base

300g Ginger Biscuits, Crushed (I used Gluten Free ones, Delicious)

175g of Butter, Melted (Or you can use cooking margarine)

First of all you’ll need to put your Biscuits in a zip-lock/air-tight bag and using a rolling pin (or a can of beans), crush the biscuits by rolling and/or smashing them. You’ll want to crush them enough that they can spread over a cake tin evenly but maybe leave a few larger chunky pieces!

Next step is to melt the butter! Once the butter is melted you’ll want to combine the crushed biscuits with the butter making a lovely buttery biscuit base.

Line a cake tin with grease proof paper, layer the crushed buttery biscuits on top and put in the fridge to set, giving you time to make the creamy topping!

Creamy filling

Creamy Filling

400ml Light Double Cream

405g Light Condensed milk (I used the Carnation one)

Juice and zest of Three Limes and One Lemon 

First of all, Whip the cream. This is the fun part, unless you don’t have an electric whisk, which was the case for me the first time I made this – I hope you’ve got some strong wrists there!

Once the cream has gotten super thick and pretty firm, you want to add the condensed milk (for sweetness, no sugar) and whisk some more – however do not over-whisk!!

Finally Add all the Juice from the Lemon and Limes, this will make the cream extra thick, which is why we add it last. Also mix in the majority (not all) of the zest, saving some for the top. If you need to, Whisk a little more and violla!

At this point, you should taste the mixture, and depending on your taste budds, you might want to add more Lime/Lemon Juice, or even some more condensed milk to enhance even more sweetness, but for me, this is perfect!

complete cheesecake

Assembling the Cheesecake

Remove the Base from the fridge, this should now be nice and cool. Layer the Creamy filling on top, smoothing out any splodges and sprinkle on top the remaining Zest you saved from earlier!!

Now put back in the fridge to set. I like to leave mine over night, but if you’ve whisked the cream properly, it should only need 1-2 hours!

Viola! You’ve just made a deliciously sweet citrus Cheesecake!! If you’ve followed my recipe you’ve also used lighter ingredients which, in my opinion, do not change the taste of this masterpiece! I’m feeling the sense of ‘droulla’ just thinking about this one.. Maybe I’ll need to make another since this one was demolished almost instantly!

It’s extremely light, and as you can see, requires very little fuss!!

Live, Love, Create, Enjoy!



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